At the beginning of November 836 squadron transferred back to MACHRIHANISH for further bombing practice.

There is no description of flying from Crail to Macrihanish, but the dive bombing at Skipness on Nov.2 would have been from Macrihanish

It appears that Macrihanish was not 836 squadron's favourite location as described in:

especially the food:

MJA: Your poem has either been written very quickly (ie less than the 3 days  after arriving at Machrihanish) or  the Line Book is incorrect.

GMA: The Line Book may be correct. The quality of my poetic effort doesnít seem to reflect any great time for cogitation!

GMA cannot remember what TAT, PAP and FHD stood for but best guess is: The Alternative Type; Pretty Awful Place and F***ing Head Down. He suspects that the first two were somewhat stronger language!

 GMA comments:I donít remember the exact translation of ASV, but it was a code name for radar, presumably of the surface-to-air variety. Since this operation was taking place in the middle of the English Channel , exposed to enemy fighters, it may have been considered wise to provide a little protection for the target aircraft.

GMA comments: I imagine the Spitfires were visitors and their presence was seized upon by jokesters to refer to my fighter escort in the Channel.

On the 26 November the squadron transferred to St Merryn in Cornwall, flying from Macrihanish to Ronaldsway and then to Carew Cheriton and the following day to St Merryn.