811 squadron  returns to HMS Biter supporting Gibraltar convoys.

HMS Biter in Gibraltar (The partial ship in the background had its bow blown off by a torpedo)

HMS Biter & 811 squadron convoys inJuly 1944 (GMA present)

Convoy sailed Biter joined Convoy No Biter left Convoy arrived Convoy from Convoy to Logbook Ref
23July OS84 Liverpool Freetown K1,2,3,4
27 July KMS 58 Mediterranean UK (slow) K3,K4
30 July 31 July SL165 6 August 10 August Freetown UK L1
MKS56 Mediterranean UK (slow) L1

Spurting flames & smoke this aircraft uses Rocket Assisted Take Off (RATO) to become airborne

Gibraltar at night (from HMS Biter)

Despite the handover to the Merchant Navy on 21 August, 811 squadron did not leave HMS Biter until the 24th: the
day that a significant fire broke out on the carrier. GMA only heard rumours of what had happened.
The squadron then returned to Limavady on anti-submarine patrols.