GMA and Neville Macve just below flight deck on HMS Biter

A spot of needlework!

From L to R: Commander and Ship's captain,pilot injured by a bullet from German U-boat, Ship's Officer (probably Engineer )

From L to R: Senior Observer, Unknown, L/C Kennard, L/C Morgan-- all flight crew.

GMA  with ? September 1943

A series of photographs were taken of Swordfish take-off and landing some of which GMA had. The further photographs are scanned from photocopies (poorer quality) from "Royal Navy Escort Carriers" by Commander David Hobbs MBE (RN)

A Swordfish seconds after take-off from Biter. 

Note also camouflage "colours" of Biter.

View from a  Swordfish cockpit just before landing.

Landings were controlled by a Deck Landing Control Officer (or Batsman) visible in the port catwalk signalling that the aircraft is on the correct glide slope. The landing photograph were taken aft and just below the pilot's eyeline.

 GMA comments: With a Swordfish the deck had to be approached from the port quarter in a curve, otherwise the pilot couldn't see the deck or the Batsman, due to the huge engine cowling blocking the forward view. The photographs appear to have been taken from astern or from the starboard quarter.

The photographs were taken from the Observer's cockpit: the convoy and a Martlet fighter

Part of 811 Squadron (GMA 3rd from right)

Part of 811 Squadron

HMS Biter's Officers & crew


Accident record information (Part Two)

X= repaired locally. S= serviceable after repair. Y1=repairable at naval yard

(GMA accident: the aircraft in this case could not have been seriously damaged since a month later it had been further damaged!)

Photographed at FAA Museum October 2010


(The aircraft in this case must have been written off)

GMA comments: I can't remember the first accident. However in the second case I was just about to land when the carrier disappeared below me.  The ship went into the trough of a wave and the aircraft effectively did a "belly flop" and broke the back of the aircraft.