Text by GMA, augmented with information from various US, Canadian and  Fleet Air Arm websites. Photographs from GMA,  the unofficial Fleet Air Arm Web Archive, the Fleet Air Arm museum records  and various other WWII related websites. 

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Geoffrey Maurice Aggleton volunteers for duty as a Pilot in the Fleet Air Arm (FAA)


GMA  reports to HMS St Vincent (former Navy Boys' School) at Gosport, Hampshire [after two physical and oral "interrogations/examinations"], for naval seamanship course which had lots of Morse Code, Drill and Sentry duty. He was an Acting Leading Airman(ALA), wearing a  white headband as Officer Trainee. 

Dormitory F.1. Rodney October 1940

Photograph signed by all on rear

Photograph taken at Empire Studios on 5 October 1940 (cap badge says HMS St Vincent)