A Family holiday  for 11 at:

in May  2011

The Centre of Bettolle:

Vecchia Fattoria-the Old Farm

The Manor House (left photo) is on the other

side of the main courtyard to the Vecchia 

Fattoria.The property was owned by the Dukes

of Tuscany and is currently owned by the

Contessa Francesca Serra-we met the Count

(aged 80+) on his way to play golf. He had an

impeccable RP English accent.

The path (right photo) leads along the side of 

the manor house to a set of gates leading 

directly onto the main square of Bettolle.

The church bell tower can be seen in the


 The guests' patio (middle left) was ideal

 to catch the morning sunshine- with swifts

flying around  (middle right) against the

background of the Manor House.

The courtyard also has many pots with Lemon

 Trees; a pergola of white roses and arches 

of red roses.

The Saturday evening meal was bought in Florence by Jan,Irwin & Nicky since everyone else was late due to flight delays...



Pizza & Salad

(Chianti & Prosecco)


Coffee & Tea

-Jan & Nicky & Irwin-


....but this didn't stop Irwin starting on his Sommelier duties!

The Royal farm was extensive at one stage but most of it seems to have been sold off

The basement of the Vecchia Fatorria used to be the wine cellars with access from the house & working yard.

There does not appear to be wine in the cellars- the farm now produces its own Olive Oil

On the Sunday afternoon there was a religious procession from Bettolle Church through the village-we followed the procession.

That evening there was also a Fireworks display, most of which could be seen from Vecchia Fattoria.
Local band leading the procession from Bettolle Church- the back of Sue's head as she  photographs the proceedings 
You don't expect to find the girls' dancing band as part of a religious procession!



Types of Ravioli

(Chianti & Prosecco)

Sausages in a Tomato sauce with Pasta

Coffee & Tea

-Jane & John-


Jane cooking-Nicky enjoying the local "brew"-Jan deep in thought. 

Having a pre-meal drink in the sitting room.


Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

(Chianti & Prosecco)

Seafood & Chicken Paella

Coffee & Tea with Almond Biscuits

-Sue & Pete-


Around the dinning room table

The spare table in the sitting room & another view of the size of this room

The Chianti flowing well on the Patio before another meal!
The "breakfast" patio and Manor house viewed from Pete & Sue's bedroom



(Chianti & Prosecco)

Chicken wrapped in Prosciutto with butter, olive oil, garlic & lemon* sauce,

 Jacket Potatoes, Green Beans & Baked Tomatoes

Strawberries & Ice Cream

Coffee & Tea

-Yvonne & Mike-

*lemons were “windfalls” from courtyard


Coffee after a meal & the 13th Century Fireplace