A simplified Hodson family tree


[The genealogical information below is based on that supplied by Sue Carr. Sue is a great-granddaughter of Joseph Procter Hodson, making Robert Read & Joseph's father-George Hodson-our common ancestor: MJA, siblings & first cousins are therefore 3rd Cousins to Sue]

The Hodson family lived for many generations on the
  borders between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. 
 The modern map shows a triangle bordered by the
 A1,A46 and A57 roads: an area  of c. 100 square  miles.
 Swinethorpe and Hardwick have disappeared  from
 modern maps: Hardwick now being made up of a few 
isolated farms while Swinethorpe has been 
incorporated into  the parish of Eagle-and-Swinethorpe 
(with Eagle Moor). The Hodsons stayed within the 
farming community until the last quarter of the 19th 
century when significant migration to London took 
place- this followed the general pattern of reducing 
village population throughout the19th century when 
agriculture started to become mechanised. 

The area might be called the "Hodson Triangle".

The first generation that Sue Carr investigated was:

The Family of George & Mary Hodson

(In the table below, specific dates against b. signify baptism dates rather than birth dates.)

The direct family line to Florence Aggleton nee Hodson is shown in red.

George Hodson was born c.1767 in Hardwick, Lincolnshire (see location (1)on the map). By the time of his marriage to Ann Daykins he had
moved to South Scarle (location (2)) Nottinghamshire. They were married in November 1790, neither probably having had any schooling,
since "they both made their mark". Ann, the daughter of William Daykin, was baptised in Weston (3).
All the children of George & Ann were baptised at St Helena church in South Scarle.

"All Saints" Weston & "St Helena" South Scarle churches. South Scarle Churchyard & Church farm.

White's "Directory of Nottinghamshire," 1853

"South Scarle is a pleasant village, 7 miles north-north-east of Newark, including within its parish the township of Besthorpe. South Scarle contains 170 inhabitants and 1,540 acres of land, The church is dedicated to St Helena. The prebendary of South Scarle in Lincoln Cathedral is patron and appropriator. The tithe was commuted in 1842,About 22 acres of glebe belongs to the vicarage, purchased with Queen Anne's Bounty. The vicarage house, a commodious residence, is in Besthorpe. A Methodist chapel was erected in 1829, and enlarged in 1839, and has a Sunday School.
The Duke of Newcastle is lord of the manor of Moreland, which is partly copyhold and comprises this parish and Girton, and is held by his Grace of the crown, for the annual rent of 23 4s 5d. The Hall is a neat residence, near the church, and is the property and seat of Miss Mary Edmonds. The poor have an annuity of 26s 8d out of Griffin Bridge Close, and the interest on 20, left in 1754 by Edward Ward."


In the first census (1841) George snr was living with his wife Ann in South Scarle, probably in a cottage two doors away from from his second   
son George and his wife Mary. If the latter couple had had children, it is likely that they would have left home by 1841. By the 1851 census 
George was an Agricultural labourer pauper i.e. "living off the parish". George snr  died in South Scarle on 22 August 1854, aged 87, while 
Ann died on 21 July 1857, aged 92, also in South Scarle. Both were buried in the parish.
Children Thomas, Ann & Mary could not be found on the 1841 or 1851 censuses- for William see the next section.
Fifth son Richard, who married Sarah Seawards in 1840 at South Scarle, had moved to North Scarle(11)  by 1841 where it is likely that their 

daughter Ann was born. This family could not be found in subsequent censuses.

Sixth son James, who married Caroline Thompson in 1823,had moved to Eagle Moor (9) in Eagle parish (7).Two of their children were still living
at home. It is likely that they had further children since they were married in 1823. By the 1871 census Caroline is living at Eagle Moor with her 
daughter Ann (?) who was born in South Scarle and granddaughter Mary who was born at Eagle Moor.


"All Saints" North Scarle Church & graveyard. Eagle Moor

Change in  population in North Scarle

Year Inhabitants Year Inhabitants Year Inhabitants Year Inhabitants
1801 303 1851 595 1891 482 1921 448
1831 479 1871 577 1901 433 1971 508*
1841 483 1881 515 1911 447 2001 712*
*The 1971 and 2001 figures include Eagle. Combined Eagle and North Scarle figure for 1911 is  798.