The family moved to "Hazeldene" in Kilve, Somerset  in January 1962.

 General views of the village of Kilve

Photographs of Hazeldene: origin unknown.

MJA Reminiscence

 Note that the front garden has vegetables growing in it. The previous owners (Mr & Mrs Stark) grew vegetables to feed their bed-and-breakfast trade. Somehow, as a non-gardener at the age 16, MJA was shown by Mr Stark how to dig in "green manure".The Starks proceeded to harvest "their" vegetables for the first few months after they had left and moved to a bungalow in Williton. Mr Stark was bitterly disappointed when MCA decided to grass over the vegetable plot. The last I can remember of Mr Stark, was him leaving muttering under his breath something about "townees" not knowing anything about country ways.

Side of the house showing the little kitchen porch.

The rear of the house showing a certain

 Morris 8, but that is another story......