MCA came back to England in 1957 because of the ill health (and subsequent death) of her father.  

She returned to Chile & then came back to England with LAA & PGA.

In August, MCA took the four children to the same hotel in Broadstairs that she had stayed at in 1948 with GMA and the two boys.


The photographs on this page were taken by professional "street" photographers. They would take pictures which could then be seen the following day on a display board on the promenade.

One of Pete's legs can be seen behind Mike!

Ages: Pete 5, Lin 6, Dave 10 and Mike 11

You can tell who felt the cold!


It still hasn't warmed up!


MJA Comment

The professional photograph on the left was included with the Broadstairs group, having a similar code number  and superficially could be relevant. Look carefully at:

(a) the different styles of clothes between the two photographs

(b) height of hedge--higher in the right hand  photo

(c) introduction of wire fence on right.

The photo on the left is probably from Broadstairs in September 1948, but taken at almost the same location as the 1957 picture (By the same photographer?)

 The two  photos show Margaret aged 27 and 36.