After leaving Nassau and before going to Chile the family spent sometime back in the UK.

 Above photos were probably taken in Wanstead Park: Mike was 6 and Dave 5.

In January 1954 MCA came back to England with Dave & Mike for them to go to school in England. 

This trip had been postponed because of GMA's illness 


Mike & Dave spent their first school Easter holidays between grandparents at Wanstead and Selsdon.

 Photo taken by RGA (undated) but probably just before returning to Hazelwood School, Limpsfield, Surrey.

During the summer of 1954 the rest of the family came back to England and stayed at Wanstead.

GMA comment: This was evidently our Leave from Chile after BSAA/BOAC suspended routes  to Chile following
 the loss of a Comet jet aircraft (due to metal fatigue--which was subsequently shown to be due to manufacturing
 "short cuts" using rivets when bolts should have been according to BBC documentary c.2001: MJA)
We hired a black Austin from a firm near Marble Arch, London West End.      

 We had to travel back again by Reina del Pacifico because the demand for air travel had become  so strong

 that there were  no staff seats available.

The photographs below were taken by RGA during 1954 at Croham Hurst possibly to test out a high speed film.

(Mike & Dave were wearing their Hazelwood summer uniform including Aertex shirts which probably means that the photos were 

taken before the "Chilenos" came back to the UK during the summer)

Mike & Dave spent their first Christmas  holidays between grandparents at Wanstead and Selsdon.

During the spring of 1955 the rest of the family came back to England and stayed at Wanstead.

Visit to Patrick Aggleton & family by GMA, MJA and DGA Easter 1955.


(Something is wrong with the perspective on this photo since Dave was never taller than Mike at this age!)

During the Summer holidays of 1955, Mike & Dave with Mabel Walliss  visited  Aunt Lillie (Lillian nee Walliss)

 at Birchington, Kent. September 1955


Note Gran Walliss has the cricket ball in her hand, the handbag etc acting as a "wicket". This photo and that of DGA were  taken by a professional seaside photographer.


Christmas 1955 was spent at Wanstead and Selsdon

 Part of the Christmas and Easter (1956)  holidays were spent at a "pseudo" holiday home "Noddon" Beacon Hill 

Hindhead in Surrey run by two maiden ladies Misses Hamilton and Slater who had no idea what children 

wanted to do!

MJA remembers that Dave & I complained vigorously about "Noddon" when we went to Chile later that year.

We never went back!

Hazelwood School Sports day c.1956

 Dave & Mike's first passport photographs c.1956. They went to Santiago Chile for the Summer  vacation.