Madrid Airport en route to Chile, April 1952. 

(The aircraft in the background is probably not the one the family flew on, because it only has twin propellers)

GMA notes: The family stayed for a few days at the Hotel Carrera in down town Santiago before the house in Isabel La Catolica became available.


GMA remembers the very early route to Chile as:

1.Generally the first stops were Madrid and Lisbon (or both), sometimes with an overnight stop.
2.Dakar (was French West Africa now Senegal)
3.West across the Atlantic to Natal (Northern Brazil) later Recife where the flight cabin was fumigated for mosquitos  
4.Followed by Rio de Janeiro (overnight stop occasional) and later Sao Paulo.
5.Montivideo and then Buenos Aires (overnight stop)
6.Change aircraft to Lancastrian for the final hop over the Andes to Chile.

The Rough Guide to Chile (2002) describes Santiago as:

Paul noted the smog on a recent (2007) visit to Chile


MCA, who kept the family photo album, had a main copy which had all the photos in it as well as a secondary album, which in some cases had a greater description than the primary set.  MJA thinks that these may be copies of those that she sent back to her mother in the UK. Where this does not give an  adequate description there is MCA's handwriting on the back of photographs. 

The descriptions are in MCA's original handwriting or in red.

Isabel La Catolica 136, Santiago, Chile,       

May 1952



Modern map of Santiago showing the beginning of Avenida Isabel La Catolica. No. 136 was almost at the corner of Isabel La Catolica and Americo Vespucio


Avenida Isabel La Catolica (in red) appears to be a major thoroughfare in the suburb of Las Condes compared to the rural views shown in the Aggleton photographs. 



Garden of Isabel La Catolica showing snow on the Andes mountains, June 1952



Note logs drying in the sun. We have log fires as coal is expensive & scarce(? )