After WWII, GMA rejoined the bank of New South Wales (Australian), but soon applied to join  British South American Airways (BSAA). His knowledge of Spanish was very helpful in obtaining the job. The job was based in London and involved the auditing of BSAA offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Nassau (Bahamas).

Visits to audit British South American Airways (BSAA) or British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) in the late 1940s 

Audit of BSAA Station in Peru (undated)



                GMA, Driver, Val Valiant (BSAA Station Manager)  

            photographed at Ticlio, Peru altitude 15,680 ft.

       Val Valiant, ? Naylor, GMA, Betty Naylor, Sylvia Valiant: 

                      Rio Blanco, Peru altitude 11,000 ft.

GMA and canine friend at Hotel del Prado, Baranquilla, Colombia, December 1948

GMA audit of BSAA Santiago, Chile Office February 1949

GMA and Santiago Office visit HMS Jamaica at Valparaiso



Cyril Reid, ?, ?, Edna and Stanley Hawes  GMA            

      Edna and Stanley Hawes  GMA , Cyril Reid.

GMA notes: Cyril Reid was the equivalent of the Office Manager at BSAA (later BOAC). Earlier he had worked as Purser on Tri-Motor Ford aircraft in South America: quite the pioneer and a great friend.

Geoff stayed at this hotel when auditing the Nassau BSAA/BOAC Office and before the family arrived on the island to live.