The family moved from Wanstead to Selsdon in 1947

 26 Birdwood Close photographed on 12 June 2008 (House named by current owners)

From the house deeds: The house was built in 1935 and initially sold for 850. GMA purchased from original owners in 1947 for 2925 and sold for 3000. Price then stagnated through various sales, before "taking off". Current owners value it at 300,000.


View from 26 Birdwood Close terrace towards the Bird Sanctuary (Selsdon Wood):31 August 1947 & 12 June 2008.

GMA Reminiscence

This is definitely our house.

At the bottom of the hill from the house there was a pig farm run by the Selsdon butchers (Ocklefords). The little valley  was called Selsdon Vale.Ocklefords had been in Thornton Heath (where GMA first lived) and after the family moved to Selsdon, the butcher moved soon afterwards!

The farm at the bottom of the Birdwood Close garden has now gone.  A new estate has been built, but because of the maturity of the trees the houses cannot be seen.


DGA showing an unhealthy interest in the St Bruno tobacco tin! Photographs of DGA and MJA dated 31 August 1947 

Note location of Foxearth Road (where Aggleton family lived from 1930s)

Old Postcards from Selsdon:

Selsdon Park Hotel is on the Old Farleigh Road en route from the centre of Selsdon to Birdwood  Close

Writing on the back of the photo is that of Mona Cornford. Photograph probably taken by Gilbert Cornford on visit to Birdwood Close

The tricycle in the photograph looks very familiar:


The design of tricycles does not seem to have changed much from 1924 (EH Shepherd "When We Were Very Young"by AA Milne) through RGA/GMA in 1932 to c.1948 (MJA/DGA)


(Roy & Geoff 1932)                    

MJA Reminiscence

 I can remember pedaling the tricycle shown down the house driveway and crashing into the garage door! I also remember taking the rubber tyres off Dinky Toys and dropping them down the storm drain in the road at the front of the house! [The steepness of the driveway & the position of the storm drain were confirmed on 12 June 2008]


This is the earliest photograph in the Aggleton family collection in colour. Author unknown.

The quality is excellent as shown by the enlargement.

Photograph probably taken by Gilbert Cornford on visit to Birdwood Close.

(Dave looks older in this photograph: possibly 1948?)

Undated: 1949?

Mr Syme (Sime?) was our next door neighbour in Birdwood Close. He owned a yacht.  The photograph was taken by Roy Aggleton when crewing for him on holiday sailing off the East Coast. Mr Syme taught Roy how to sail. Mr Syme is seen in the galley.

MJA comment: Mr Syme was therefore responsible for the Aggleton family interest in sailing!