Margaret's own photographs during World War II.


GMA comments: This photo shows MCW with another Bank of New South Wales  employee named Kitty. Photograph probably taken on the roof of the Bank in Threadneedle Street.


Dated September 1940


Wearing WREN tie pin (reproduction of FAA pilots' wings;)dated 10 Dec 1940


MCA & WREN friends Betty and Jean


This set of WREN photographs looks as though it has been taken by the pond in Wanstead Park. Confirmed by Catherine Odean (nee Archer).This pond was not behind Woodlands Ave but behind Northumberland Ave and was called "Heronry Pond".


Not taken behind 54 Foxearth Road as MJA had presumed. Likely to be the house of another WREN.

Ilfracombe Nov 1 1941


WRENS gymnastics?