Bill Muir killed when he , pilot & wireless operator "ditched" after coming back from mine laying. Pilot was "blinded" by British search lights.


836 squadron: Alan Arcus from New Zealand, Sam Talbot from UK. Ken Tyrell from Ireland, Bill Dimes from New Zealand and Derek Price from the UK

PO Robertson (Robbie) was in 836 squadron as a Rear Gunner  primarily flying with the squadron leader  Lt Slater

but occasionally with GMA. This could be "Robbie's Swordfish"-DK 777.

Reunion of 836 squadron at Joan Taylor's House in Birmingham on July 18 1998

Reg Singleton, Katharine Hollins (CO Ransford Slater's widow),

Katharine, Phil, Phyllis Cartwright, Joan Taylor, Dave Wellotan,

Phil Blakey, John Cartwright

 John Cartwright, Panda Blakey, Kath Singleton, Reg Singleton

Dave Wellotan : Phil Blakey indicated that he was writing a book on MAC ships.

Dave Wellotan: probably David Wragg who wrote the book below, published  in Jan 2005