This section of the scrapbook is based on two photograph albums put together by Mona Cornford. These were inherited by MCA. One album had most of the pages modified to remove photographs relevant to the Walliss family while the second deals with the latter years of the Cornfords.

Gilbert (Bert: born 1897 in West Ham, London E) and Mabel (Mabs: born 1895  in Shoreditch, London E) Cornford

Professionally photographed in Forest Gate London E in c.1900

(writing on the back of the photograph is that of Mona Cornford: Gilbert's wife)

In the 1901 census the family was living at 48 Chapel Row, Forest Gate, London E. This street is no longer there and may have demolished to make way for the North Circular Road.

The family consisted of parents George W.  and Louisa Jane Cornford and children Mabel and Gilbert.

The 1901 census  states that George was employed as a "confections clerk"

 (This may explain Gilbert's subsequent career as a confectionery salesman)

The family probably professionally photographed in their garden with the parrot. c.1910

Privately photographed indoors (original is of poor quality) c.1910

Probably photographed in the same garden (as above) but by an amateur  c.1915

Mona's writing on the back 

of the photograph