In 1891 William Aggleton-Bertram's father (then an ironmonger’s assistant), together with his wife, Mary Ann and daughter Margaret
 (aged 6 yrs), were resident at 148 Fernhead Road, Paddington.  A second daughter Gertrude Olive had died, aged 16 months, in 1890.
By 1901  William (aged 50 and then a life insurance clerk) had moved  with his wife Mary Ann, and their children, 
Margaret, Bertram and William, to 60 Hertford Street, Ramsgate, Kent. (next door to the Hertford Tavern). 

The family also had a young  lodger.

In June1907 Margaret the eldest daughter (aged 21)   left home to get married

All the early family photographs have been re-photographed from the originals by Roy Aggleton

Bertram Aggleton c.1908 (aged c.16)

RGA notes: BCA matriculated from Manwood Grammar School, Sandwich and won several prizes. 

Ramsgate was a major seaside resort at the beginning of the 20th Century with its own entertainment during the holiday season :


By 1911 the family had moved to 5 Abbotts Hill  but still  in Ramsgate.  

William (snr) had changed job and returned to the Ironmongery Business.

The hand writing above is that of William (snr) 

By 1911 Bertram and William had left school and were in their first jobs as clerks to a Coal Merchant and Solicitor respectively

On 11  December 1915 at Clifton, Bertram married Florence Hodson

Bertram's World War I involvement is recorded elsewhere.

Christening of Patrick Clements (first son of Bertram & Florence) in 1920

L to R: Bertram, Florence, Rob & Ede Hodson,Grandmother (Florence Ellen) and Grandfather (Robert Read) Hodson

The pictures below, taken at the seaside, were probably taken by professional  photographers.



 Patrick, Geoffrey & Florence                   

       Patrick ,Florence, Geoffrey& Gertrude 

Ramsgate inner harbour                     




 Florence, Patrick, William, Bertram     

             Patrick and Geoffrey 

& Geoffrey,Ramsgate c.1923          

              Ramsgate(?) c.1924


   Geoff  with Spike in garden at Beulah Road 

                       Thornton Heath, c.1924.

          PCA & GMA were born at Beulah Road.