A pictorial history of the Aggleton and related families



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Thomas James Aggleton

Painted Nov 1823

Photographed Oct 2006

Both aged 3 years & 7 months

 Thomas James (1820-1879) is the great- great- great- great-grandfather of his namesake and is the "patriarch" of  current Aggletons


This digital history is based on photos combined with information from a range of sources.


It should be considered as a scrap-book rather than an album. 


The presentation is split into a series of variable sized sections.   


Each  section is linked to this Introduction but not to each other. 


Some of the larger sections now have their own indexes.




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From Aglin(g)ton to Aggleton- name derivation

Miniature portrait paintings of 18 & 19 Century Aggletons
Will of Thomas Aggleton a mariner

Florence Aggleton (nee Hodson) and family from c.1780

Thomas Aggleton & Family

Old Bailey Trials where Aggletons were witnesses

Bertram Aggleton and Florence Hodson's cycle rides in the first half of 1913.
Bertram & William in WWI

Family: Thornton Heath and Selsdon.

Gilbert and Mabel from the late 1890s.Gilbert's wedding & life with Mona.
Family photographs were based on those taken by Gilbert Cornford.
PCA photographs from India & UK
GMA in the Fleet Air Arm during WWII, based on photos, his log book  & archive information.
Margaret Walliss in the Wrens & during WWII
Including first photographs of MJA & DGA.
First house of GMA & MCA in Selsdon.
First  family seaside holiday.
GMA's audit visits for BSAA/BOAC.,South America. Nassau. Braden in  Chile.
GMA & family in Nassau Bahamas from 1950 to 1952.
Chile from 1952 until the family left the country.
Pad, Judy and family: initial pictures
MJA & DGA school holidays & family holidays from Chile.
MCA & children visit the same hotel in Broadstairs as in 1948.
Pad, Roy, Mike, Dave & Roger sailing on the Norfolk Broads 
Photographs from Puerto Montt of the World's severest earthquake.
First house the family lived in after returning from Chile: updated 2006.
The family moved to Wembdon in 1968
MCA's final home-predominantly photos of grandchildren 
Visits to GMA's apartment & condominium in St Louis 
Family weddings
.not often, but here are a few...
Family holiday to Chateau Lagorce in France in July 2006
Lawrence's trip from North to South of Chile in 2007
John (Wheeler) Aggleton & family 
Walking the West Highland Way in 2008. Postscript in 2013.
Family holiday in Bettolle Italy May 2011
Photographs from Olympic & Paralympic games
An eclectic mix of family achievements
Thirteen go to France
Temporary Page photos from auction
  Family Tree based on DGA's spreadsheet.